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About Us

FastSite provides site locator services to businesses like yours. If you want to get perspective customers on the web into your store, then get them to your site - FAST! FastSite is the competetive advantage you've been looking for. By making it easy for customers to find your store, you make it easy for them to stop in and become repeat customers. And best of all, it is very easy to set up and start using FastSite.

FastSite has spent a lot of time developing efficient and fast ways of localizing the Internet for your customers. You don't need to spend that time. You can simply leverage the work that we've already done. You can be up and running with FastSite in a day.

At FastSite, we are committed to expanding our services and features to fully meet your locator needs. FastSite is an Internet property managed by NetQuik LLC.

Company Information is the leading Application Service Provider (ASP) for locator services and activity reporting, offering a complete range of solutions that meet the needs of small businesses, organizations, and corporations. The company's flagship product, the FastSite locator service, incorporates a highly scalable, enterprise-class locator, advanced activity reporting and site analysis, and other features. FastSite allows its customers to deliver a complete solution that gives Web site visitors instant access to the localized information they want, while giving Web site owners the benefits of improved customer interaction, higher rentention, and greater sales opportunities. A privately held company by NetQuik LLC, is located in Arlington Massachusetts and is privately funded by a team of investors. FastSite's services and information are available by visiting

Terms of Service
FastSite currently provides locator services to anyone free of charge. We are committed to helping our customers turn online traffic into real customers. FastSite reserves the right to change any policies in the future.

Here is what our lawyers ask us to say: FastSite does not take responsibility for the content of its customer's pages or the opinions posted by visitors. If you find any of the content posted by our customers offensive to your proprietary rights, including copyrights, please contact us. As the customer of FastSite and the owner of a FastSite locator, you must agree to compensate FastSite.Com for any and all losses, liabilities, damages or expenses, including attorney's fees, incurred by FastSite.Com in connection with any such claim, lawsuit, or proceeding.

As the owner of a FastSite locator, you bear the responsibility for its contents. You may not use any copyrighted material such as music, photographs, text, video, artwork, or any links to other servers that have not been approved by that organization. You may not include on your FastSite locator anything illegal, obscene, pornographic, degrading or abusive to another person, including content that promotes hate group propaganda and child pornography. FastSite.Com reserves the right to take action with respect to your locator content.

You may not disclose your account password to any third parties.

You may not provide links to any game which violates any local, state, or national laws.

FastSite.Com reserves the right to investigate any complaints regarding any locator content andto take any necessary action.

FastSite.Com is committed to doing its utmost in order to make its service available at all times, but does not guarantee it. FastSite.Com is not responsible for any liability or loss incurred as a result of downtime.

FastSite.Com reserves the right to change these rules and regulations at any time without notice.

If you have any further questions regarding these policies, please email us at:

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